Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog Post 2

      These are various sign languages that we have to draw in art class. For these, I had to look at my hand while drawing it down, my ideas at first were to not make the hands look too real( I cant do that anyway), my style usually sticks to the cartoony and surreal side of art, so even though the hands may have wrinkles and all five fingers, the style is based on anime, with thin fingers.
      For the H, I had used my Manga outlining pen 08 and prismacolor markers eggshell, and putty. Which is what I normally use for coloring and is the first time I've used them in this class. these materials are very familiar for me in the way of using them, I've gained some skill with using them.(yet i'm pretty sure one of them is starting to run out.) 
      These hands were also made to show my style of art. Not completely realism, but not completely cartoon-like. hand H is the only one with color in it, which made me use less hand wrinkles, because in most anime styles, they use the shading to show dents or wrinkles skin or objects. The other two do have drawn wrinkles, because my natural style is not defined by shading.

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