Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog Post 3

      As close to realism as I'll ever get.
The title is true, yes, I will barely ever try and aim for realism. This unique style i've chosen is a mix of cartoon, and ALMOST realism. For inspiration of this face, I had to look at one of my anime character drawings, and imagine her as a real person, which was very difficult. I had to combine the two styles which definitely was not easy either.
      Many times I had to just stop and look at it, did it look too cartoony? Did I ever need to put more shading to give it more of a real look? Those questions were what I asked myself most of the time, before I tried my ideas for this weird face, I had to imagine how it would look at first. That;'s what worried me.
       The new techniques I learned mostly had to do with the realism parts and shading, I learned to make the nose and under eyes shading. With the facial shape being mroe real that cartoon, I had included things I am mostly familiar with, like the eyes or eyebrows, thin eyebrows and large, shiny eyes.

       An angel condemned to the ground.
This project's theme was Land or Sky? And me being myself, took the theme both ways.(not knowing that you had to actually pick either land or sky for the project.) I came up with this, which is pastel are of an angel with black wings, and the roots of the ground are keeping him bound to Earth.  At first I was very nervous at the use of pastels, I had barely ever used them and wasn't sure how the whole picture would come out. For me, pastels were too sticky and soft, I also was not able to draw a face and eyes with the pastel's blunt tip.
      For this picture, I had found inspiration from myself this time. I had used my own original idea and executed it on paper. The only thing that I had used other than my own idea was a reference for trees and vines that had to be looked up on the internet.
      This artwork was supposed to show and say that not a lot of my art is all smiles and giggles. Naturally I do art more from a negative or dark perspective, such as the ground not letting an angel fly, keeping him on the ground. I write stories  that also have dark themes, so this ties into that as well. Through my artwork, I am examining the issues that have to do with the choppy looking background, for the background, I chose chalk pastel instead of oil pastel.
      The Big Black Hole
This art project's theme was Space. At first I had a little bit of trouble coming up with something to match that theme. But when I had gotten home, I found inspiration from my favorite game Kingdom Hearts, which involves small dark minion-like creatures called "heartless". The way I had made it unique was by adding some of my own features and style into it, such as a black hole chest and puppet-like skull head.
      This artwork was intended to show that I have a bit of a strange imagination, this monster being what i titled as "Lord Of Space". My personal interests involve creating monsters like this, large, deadly, and somewhat disturbing, this picture adds to my collection of chimeras, chupacabras and just beasts overall.
       I definitely was not sure about this projects, mostly because I didn't know if it would look like space, so here and there I had to add stars and planets just to make sure. I find it risky that I chose this strange monster as the main part of my space imagination, I;m not usually used to science fiction or space, It's not exactly my forte. I stick to Fantasy but this artwork helped me. 

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