Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Post 4

My class has been doing much ever since my last blog post, here's what to catch up on:

A Farewell to My Beloved Studio Ghibli.
          Ever since I was a little girl, Studio Ghibli movies have been my life.And when I found out that it was ending, I decided, why not make something for them? This was my style project, and it's supposed to show how I was a fan of this type of thing, animation. It shows that I will miss their worlds and stories, in this picture I'm holding various references to my favorite movies of theirs. Bottom line, It shows that this is what I love.

     My source for inspiration definitely came from Hayao Miyazaki himself, that, and the whole Japanese culture. I find their style so unique and so different that I could not help but draw it. In this picture, I took
the characters from some of his movies and fit them in with, myself. Yes, the girl with the red hair is me,
and i'm supposed to be holding "Heen" from Howl's Moving Castle, The mouse and the bird from Spirited Away, the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke,  and the hat from The Wind Rises. Since my inspiration came from Hayao Miyazaki, I had to do the style, and it was not very easy. Mostly because his style is so different from the regular anime style that it's hard to recreate.

There were two problems that occurred while I worked on this, the eyes, and the markers. Studio Ghibli's style does not include the eyes being seen under the hair, and that is a style I am most familiar with. So when I made the eyes visible under the hairm I used white-out to cover it up, but when I went over the white-out with my markers, It came out sloppy. I thought it would not work, but I soon fixed the problem. The other problem was the fact that I was using copic markers for a very big picture. And they could have dried out in the process, thank goodness they didn't.

A Very Boring Man.
This was my emotion project, meant to convey a very boring emotion using greys and whites and blacks. It was intended to show something like a very boring teacher that has a mustache and somewhat bald head. I used really dark colors,plain and just boring. The guy look unapealing as well, you can't see any expression or life in him, that's what I was trying to convey, pure boredom.
Every once in a while i'd ask my friends what they thought, or what patterns and colors I should have put in the picture.They really helped me throughout this project and I might have not gotten the idea without them.
I definitely was not sure about the decided emotion itself. Was boring really an emotion? Sure I could express it in a picture but is it really necessary? All of that went throughout my head, but I did it anyway. And people liked it! That seemed to be the only problem other than me not being the best at painting.

This was a class warmup, I had to create my own creature so i created, the MIKANO RAT.

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