Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blog Post 5


This picture is a big mish mosh of my mind, also  known as the "Identity Project". I had to do something that was about me, in this work, i have me(bottom left corner) and to my left, there is an explosion of characters and color that expresses what I imagine in my mind. The way my own ideas are in this work is that all of the characters and character designs to the right are all people that I have made up and either wrote/imagined of. This shows how the artwork is about me in the way that its showing my story characters and how my imagination works, bright and colorful. It shows my love for "Japanese Anime" and all of the stories I have imagined. The challenges were that my markers that I used kept on drying on me, and they were expensive markers, so I started to use crayola markers and colored pencils. I used to have a big word at the bottom but it didn't fit very well, so I came up with the idea to cover it in tissue paper. This artwork, titled "Think", is most likely one of my favorites. Mostly because it shows who I am.

In this project, which I like to call the Make a stamp project", is basically carving and making a stamp. I learned how to carve a specific materical to make a stamp-like object, and I could use different paints and colors to stamp it on paper. I've always been fascinated with skulls, especially punk-skulls, so that's where my inspiration came from. I wanted to make it my own so I gave it a twist and used two colors that are usually very girly together, pink and yellow, and made them look like a danger/punk style. I admit that I at first had a bunch of trouble understanding how the process worked, especially with the coloring. Those were my complications and bumps in the road. This piece is called "Danger stamps".

This artwork is my second favorite, for a "change" project. I had to express change for this assignment and I had gotten this idea. It is intended to show how dramatic events can change one's life drastically, using a future Olympic runner and putting him into a supposed "car accident". On the left is the man, all happy and training for a marathon in his jogging gear, on the right is the man after his hinted car accident(look at the frame on the wall). I normally do tragic things that make people sad. I know, I am a horrible person, but I enjoy expressing those feelings that people sometimes need to do. How I put myself into this is the thing I feel most proud about, the sad elements in my stories. I have had a bunch of help from my friends, when the teacher announced the change project, my friend knew what I was thinking anf said it aloud. "death" , yes I know, drastic, but I really was thinking that, and then later my friend said "Maybe you shouldn't do death, but almost." That's how I got my idea, they had given me the idea to not go with the usuual(Death) and try something different. This artwork is called "Big change"

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